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Filed: 6,875

Cleared: 4,605

In progress: 2,270


Principal: 1,199,788,300.49

Other: 96,837,604.35

Total: 1,296,625,904.85


Principal: 409,635,785.64 - 34.14%

Other: 90,418,196.70 - 93.37%

Total: 500,071,982.34 - 38.57%




Dear visitors,

The 2011 Civil Enforcement and Security Interests Act introduced into Serbian legal system a totally new profession: enforcement officers (bailiffs).

Every "debut" in itself provokes suspicion and mistrust, probably more so having in mind the nature of tasks attached to this recently launched legal profession.

My desire is to use this webpage as a representation of our main operations, offer answers to some of the questions you might have regarding this nine-to-five in making, and last but not least, give you a personal invitation to contact us if you find it necessary.

And don't forget - debt is just an obligation (usually pecuniary) of one entity to another. As it is impossible to narrow life to metabolism, likewise human interactions cannot be reduced to plain arithmetical calculations. Every problem is entitled to its solution!

Respectfully yours,

Damir Šite, L.B.

Enforcement officer for the Subotica High and Commercial Court areas

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Civil Enforcement in Serbia